Translation and interpretation services between Polish, Danish, German, English and other European languages! is a professional translation agency with translators and interpreters working in rare language pairs between the following languages: Danish, Polish, German, English, Spanish, French, Russian and Italian. We are a certified translation company headquartered in Denmark, which has been on the market since 2006, offering high-quality, affordable and bespoke translation services delivered to every client on time! I/S

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Associations: Polish translation became a success

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Proved successful sending of the Polish-Danish interpreter to Poles working in Denmark. Stilladsklubben (Club scaffolding rack) in Copenhagen, hired an interpreter to hear the opinion from the Poles. As a rule, the Poles gave up when employers turned to them in English or German. Now, translator speaks to them in their own language and that makes that the Poles are more likely interested in work in Denmark. "The aim is to link workers with the so-called scaffold rack." orderly conditions "which are beneficial for the Poles, could prevent the accidents at work" – says representative of Stilladsklubben-John Jakobsen. "These ordered conditions are inter alia, the remuneration, which is three to four times higher than those obtained, the obligation of education in their work, good housing conditions and keeping the working hours, in another case may come to the event," says John Jakobsen.

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